Tiger prawns “Piri Piri” baked in garlic butter with chilli peppers
75g 175, – CZK

Yellowfin tuna tartare, a variation of shredded salads with herb pesto, cherry tomatoes and lime
75g 140, – CZK

Roasted duck liver marinated in strong veal glace with Hennessy cognac, plum-cranberry chutney
80g 130, – CZK

Beef sirloin carpaccio served with rucola pesto, parmesan and a variety of shredded salads
75g 160, – CZK



Double beef broth rich with vegetables and beef with homemade noodles
55, – CZK

Genuine spicy French onion soup, softened with white wine, served with crisp toast and Brie cheese
65, – CZK

Thai soup “Tom Yum”, sharp aromatic soup with chicken, lemongrass, vegetables and ginger
75, – CZK

Pumpkin cream with ginger and coconut milk served with roasted zucchini “Julienne” and drops of green pumpkin oil
65, – CZK


Czech cuisine specialities

Beef sirloin in cream sauce, grilled fillet Mignon, Carlsbad dumplings and cranberries / Beef tenderloin young bull

150g 245, – CZK

Veal cheeks stewed in red wine, served with mild homemade mashed potatoes, roasted mushrooms and cranberries
200g 245, – CZK

Duck leg confit served with herb dumplings and sweet red cabbage 350 – 400g

235 CZK

Veal schnitzel with homemade mashed potatoes and variation of shredded cucumber salad “Jiluenne”
150g 220, – CZK

Sirloin deer medallions served with sweet potato chips, glazed black root, blackberry demi-glass
150g 360, – CZK


Fish specialities

Fresh Norwegian salmon fillet baked in butter, potato gnocchi, roasted black root and romanesco on “Buerre Blanc” sauce
150g 360, – CZK

Pike-perch fillet with herb crust and parmesan served with mashed potatoes with spinach and grilled cherry tomatoes
150g 340, – CZK

Pike-perch fillet roasted in white wine with smooth-headed parsley and dried ham, bean pods roasted in butter and mild mashed potatoes
150g 340, – CZK

Grilled yellowfin tuna steak with pepper sauce, potatoes au gratin, roasted green beans
150g 260, – CZK


Company specialities

Slowly stewed lamb shank served with mashed potatoes, spinach, grilled tomatoes and mild lamb glaceé
450- 550g 420, – CZK

Grilled Beef Steak on Foie Grase Sauce
with Hennessy Cognac, baked potato, glazed black root in honey-mustard butter and shallot in port wine
200g 380, – CZK

Beef sirloin steak with pepper sauce, green beans in butter, bacon chips, steak fries
200g 380, – CZK

Pork tenderloin medallions marinated in Provencal herbs roasted on a bed of foxes, with a soft mushroom foam and potato gratin
200g 320, – CZK

We will be happy to prepare fresh tartare beef sirloin – young bull.
150g 280, – CZK
200g 350, – CZK


Main stairs

Slightly spicy beef sirloin strips, roasted and marinated in triple pepper with mushroom sauce and roasted mushrooms
150g 240, – CZK

Pork tenderloin and chicken breast with bacon, red onion and peppers, topped with a fine veal glaceé on a variety of shredded salads
150g 180, – CZK

Filleted chicken breast in Parma ham with thyme, with roasted spinach leaves and fine glace
150g 195, – CZK

Homemade lasagna with spinach leaves, tomato sauce in Italian style with herb pesto
200g 160, – CZK

Fried pork tenderloin steaks
150g 145, – CZK

Fried chicken breast
150g 125, – CZK

Variation of fried cheese – blue cheese, ermine, eidam cheese
150g 135, – CZK



Grilled Goat Cheese on Variation of Shredded Salads with Grape, Walnuts and Honey-Lime Dressing
200g 175, – CZK

Caésar salad with homemade anchovy dressing, garlic croutons and parmesan, grilled chicken breast
200g 170, – CZK

Caésar salad with grilled salmon
200g 175, – CZK



Boiled potatoes on butter with fresh chives – 200g
Mashed potatoes – 150g
French fries – 150g
Carlsbad dumplings – 150g
Jasmine rice – 150g
Variation of lettuce with herb pesto – 100g

The price of the supplement is 40, – CZK

Gratinated potatoes with herbs – 120g
Green bean pods roasted on butter – 150g
Glazed garden vegetables – 150g
Potato chips – 150g
The price of the supplement is 50, – CZK

For each meal we charge a couvert 25, – CZK, including 3-4 kinds
pastries, herb butter and the use of flavoring ingredients.
At your express request, couvert will not be served or billed.


Creme Brulee served with blackberries, raspberries
and forest fruit sauce 85, – CZK

Fresh lemon and black currant sorbet, topped with prosec and garnished with a sprig of mint
85, – CZK

Hot plums with salted caramel, vanilla ice cream, gingerbread dust
85, – CZK

“Our” homemade chocolate cake
65, – CZK

Homemade warm apple strudel, served with vanilla ice cream and whipped cream
75, – CZK